Siding and Windows

Your roof and gutters are very important protection from the elements. That being said siding should rank up there and should be properly maintained to keep from ongoing problems. Some problems are minor such as algae growth and discoloration which can be purely a cosmetic look at that point, however when mold and mildew behind the siding starts that because a much more severe problem. That being said siding should be cleaned, and inspected annually.



Is a very durable and popular material used on the side of houses. Longevity is one of the great bonuses with stucco as long as it is regularly maintained. Stucco should be cleaned and inspected annually. The cleaning process should never be done with a pressure washer as this can cause cracking and compromise the surface. Small cracks in stucco is normal but should be monitored if getting to big. If cracks get to wide these should be fixed properly by having the stucco redone.

Maintaining stucco with a yearly cleaning is much cheaper than leaving it to long and repainting it. Painting stucco will just lock all the moisture in the pores behind the paint and eventually cause the paint to peel and flake. If cleaned annually this will rid all the mold and mildew growing on your stucco and help give your house the proper protection and life expectancy you want from your stucco!


This material of siding is most popular to this day on most houses for cost. Will not typically last as long as other sidings but is cheaper in cost. Cleaning can be tedious specially if not done in a long time as the algae can grow and adhere to it and be difficult to remove. That being said the best way to clean is with soap and a scrub brush followed by rinsing it off. Vinyl is a brittle material specially in the cold and with the constant weather changes and should not be pressure washedSiding Wash 2 300x225 Siding and Windows  . Siding Wash 300x225 Siding and Windows

Problems with pressure washing:

  • Cracking
  • Tearing off sections of the vinyl strips
  • Causing water to get behind the siding and long term cause mold between the layers

Like mentioned above best way to clean is scrub brush and soapy water to get amazing results and with out compromising the vinyl.



Windows are a great source of natural light. They brighten up the room and really play an impact on a lot of peoples mood. So whether your a home owner or a business owner windows can play a big impact on the surrounding moods. Along with that if not cleaned on a regular basis they are know to collect dust and dirt which in time can only become harder to clean. If dust and dirt is left to long on the surface when they are eventually cleaned again this can cause scratching of the glass long term a lot more expensive than regular cleaning.

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