Roof De-Moss and Treatments

Asphalt Roof

Asphalt roofs are a cost effective way to protect your home and give it the desired look that you want. With many different options in colors and patterns to suite your needs. However if not looked after its all irrelevant. Moss, Lichen, Mold, and Mildew are some of the ashroof2 225x300 Roof De Moss and Treatments  ashroof5 225x300 Roof De Moss and Treatments  harmful things that can grow and cause damage to your roof.



  • Moss can act like a sponge and soak up the water draining down your roof. The effect of this in freezing temperatures is the moss will freeze which also in turn freezes the shingles and cause cracking and decrease life expectancy of your asphalt roof.
  • When moss soaks up that water it will just sit there and over time will cause the effect of mold and mildew. In a short term effect wont hurt anything how ever long term can be the root cause of the mildew musty smell you get in the house.
  • When moss starts growing at the edgeof the shingles it will act as a diverter and water will run sideways instead of downwards. The water is then more prone to run under the shingle at this point. This happens cause when moss grows it will lift the edge of the shingle over time and the water will run underneath. Often this is the root cause for leaking.
  • Lichen over time will feed off the asphalt roof and eat away at the shingles and asphalt and create a hole to the under layer.

With all this comes a decreased home ashroof3 225x300 Roof De Moss and Treatments  ashroof4 225x300 Roof De Moss and Treatments  value. Let us help you with these potential problems early so they don’t get out of hand. We have a soft wash method that eats away the roots of moss and cleans all mold, mildew, and lichen from your roof. Giving you that nice new look again as well as saving you from a headache of problems.





Concrete and Ceramic Tiles

Concrete and Ceramic tile roofs are great for fighting off the elements and protecting your home. Not as cheap of a roof to install as asphalt so maintenance is important to ensure your properly protected.

  • Moss growth collects moisture making things damp. This over time can lead to leaking problems into the attic. There are many ways to clean your roof but we strongly suggest letting the professionals take care of this. Walking on your roof can be dangerous with out the proper training and safety equipment. Also there is greater chances of cracking and breaking tiles with out experience on walking them.
  • Lichen has no immediate effects on your concrete tile roofs other than a cosmetic look.Roof scrub2 300x225 Roof De Moss and Treatments  20131024 090937 resized 300x225 Roof De Moss and Treatments

Top to Bottom Home Services has worked with many clients in keeping the maintenance up on their concrete and ceramic tile roofs. We want to ensure your protected properly. When we deal with moss, fungus, and lichen on the roof we work with a soft wash method. Brushing off all the main clumps and blankets if moss is at that point. Then we will coat your roof with a eco-friendly product to ensure we don’t harm any plants and safe for kids and animals in the neighborhood. We then use a pressure washer dropping the pressure under a 1000 psi as to not harm the coating on the tiles and wash all organic growth off the roof. Moss has roots that grow in between tiles and the cleaning solution sucks into the roots killing them off over time.

To avoid moss growth we suggest cleaning debris off the roof regularly. Make sure any tree’s are cut back so they are not creating heavily shaded areas which aids in moss growth. Also to help the cost of maintenance we can do a de-moss treatment every few years depending on your area. This is when we come in and just spray the roof then let mother nature take its course as the solution will go into the roots killing moss off. Over time with sun, wind, and rain it will wash off leaving you with a clean well maintained roof! Roof De Moss and Treatments  20131024 100650 resized 225x300 Roof De Moss and Treatments








Cedar Roof


Cedar roofs are a beautiful roof to have cosmetically. With beauty comes cost as they are not cheap to have redone. That being said to maintain the properly and ensure that you receive full life out of them is extremely important.

That being said the process to properly maintain them can be a big job if not taken care of from the start. We have a 2 step way to help protect your house from the elements. Being a cedar roof you don’t want to just jump and pressure wash it. The shingles if turning discolored have lost the protective seal they have. So all the discoloration is actually mold mildew from moisture that the cedar has sucked up. In turn with that comes the moss. Also over time you will notice ridge caps start breaking or the shingles seem like they are getting thinner. This all has to do with the break down and decomposition of not being properly sealed. We can help with that using our cedar wash to strip all the organic growth from the shingles and bringing back the life of your roof. That is step one to make sure its clean. Step two is resealing it, with just a spray on material we go over the whole roof to make sure its properly covered. This seal is typically good for 5 years however; we strongly suggest resealing every 3 to make sure the protection is there and that no major problems occur.

When everything this is said and done your roof will now look amazing as well as properly protecting you from the elements that Vancouver weather throws our way.













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