Pressure Washing

Pressure washing serves a much greater purpose other than pure looks. Over the rainy season and winter in British Columbia you will notice that things seem to get a little more slick than should be. This is because of all the dirt and algae that grows on the surface. This can cause problems for home owners or store owners in many ways as you wouldn’t want family, friends, or customers slipping and falling while walking up to your house or store front.



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All driveways are washed with and cleaned with a pressure washer re-surfacer. This allows even pressure and a greater cleaning area. This way there is no wand marks left, the job is done quicker, and costs you less.


Walkways and Stairs


For the larger surface walkways and landing areas the re-surfacer will be used. However the wand is used for small areas, such as corners, stairs, vertical edges so that no spots are missed and the job is complete.

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